People place trust in doctors and consider them equal to god due to their ability to save a life. Healthcare is a novel profession that is responsible for serving the nation by saving lives as seen in the COVID-19 times.

According to a report by the Indian Journal of Public Health India will need more than 2 million doctors by 2030. Aspiring medical aspirants must pull up their sleeves to clear the NEET UG exam and achieve the required score to be eligible to become doctors to fill this demand.

Why NEET UG is needed to become a ‘Doctor’?

NEET UG result is celebrated across the country given the prestige associated with the healthcare profession. NEET toppers are considered future leaders due to their proven capabilities to hold this coveted position in the future. Becoming a doctor has been a dream for many students since their childhood.

Since doctors hold crucial roles, they must be trained well as done during the MBBS course. Not all can manage to complete this rigorous training therefore NTA is authorized to select the best candidates for the same through the NEET UG exam.

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NEET UG (Introduction)

NEET UG exam is conducted annually by NTA for admission to various medicine and dental courses including MBBS. To be a doctor, a candidate must complete an MBBS course from a reputed medical college. Every medical institute demands the NEET UG score for admission to the MBBS course.

This is why NEET UG is also called, the gateway for MBBS. More than 2 million doctors will be needed in the future to cater to the rising demand for quality healthcare. The government is planning to open new medical colleges to train future doctors. NEET UG will become more important in the future and students must be ready for it.

NEET UG tests candidates on their problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Candidates must have basic knowledge of major health issues and related mechanisms as evident in the NEET UG syllabus. To become a doctor candidates should qualify for NEET UG cutoff with good scores.

Preparation Strategy (NEET-UG)

NEET UG is a challenging exam for students who have just completed their class 12th. Some face issues in adopting the system of objective questions while others struggle to comprehend complex topics. Students worry about what to do and what not to do in NEET exam preparation.

Experts have suggested NEET preparation tips to guide students in this challenging exam. Here are NEET UG preparation tips that must be read by students:

  • Know Exam Pattern: Candidates should familiarize themselves with the NEET UG exam pattern by going through the previous year’s papers
  • Download Syllabus: The next important step is to download the syllabus of the NEET UG and complete it from cover to cover.
  • Plan a Timetable: Candidates should make a timetable to cover the topics for NEET UG. Having a timetable will push them daily to study.
  • Make Notes: Preparing quality notes is an essential part of preparing for NEET UG. Notes help in the revision process as going through the books is not possible at the last moment.
  • Revise Regularly: Without multiple revisions, candidates will not be able to recollect the information on the exam day. Students should revise topics as many times as possible.
  • Solve MCQs: Solving objective types of questions will help students adjust to the latest exam pattern of NEET UG. Medical aspirants should not shy away from practicing regularly be it quizzes or full-length tests.
  • Continuous Evaluation: It is essential to constantly evolve the during preparation of NEET UG. Take mock tests and analyze the results to understand progress in each subject.

Since the initial phase of preparation can be overwhelming for aspirants they must take the guidance from experts. Options like online NEET coaching can be a boon for aspirants by guiding them toward excellence in the NEET UG exam.

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